• Hi there!
    if you are here maybe we share the same passion for IT and the web.
    Still reading?
    Ok then, let's talk about what we do here.
    Basically we want to support the freeconomy movement providing people with the IT infrastructure and tools needed to simplify and speed-up the collaboration / planning process.

    Right now we have a website, a forum (this one) and a few Telegram groups to provide, collect and organise information about all the activities going on in Mallorca.
    These tools are good but right now we feel we lack the ability to group/present information based on the geographical area they belong to.
    This is especially true for activities like the Huertos and the Freeshop.
    Right now there's a map on the website showing where the huertos are on the island. It also provides a link to the forum section and the Telegram group.

    Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 20.50.22.png
    While this is sort of Ok for the Huertos, for the Freeshop it would be great to have user-generated content that is also geographically aware.
    I.e. People would be able to post ads with offers/requests and also specify where those goods are.
    This way we make it easier for people to filter out ads from those living too far away and just focus on what's closer and relevant to them.

    The technology stack we currently use is based on html, css, js, node, react, redux, mySql, Strapi.
    If you have ideas or you fancy develop something cool and useful... drop us an email at:


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